White Sage Masala 15 Gms

The value of incense sticks has been known in the Indian tradition from the time of Gautama Buddha in ancient India. Ever since the glorious times of vedic Indian Chandan holds a venerated position. Its touch to the human body is cooling and pacifying, its fragrance is purifying.
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• HEM incense sticks are handcrafted to spread a mesmerising fragrance that lingers longer. These raw incense sticks present the essence in its purest form. Their perfume is bound to change the ambience at home or at functions or during a religious rite or whenever you light them to greet each day for meditation and quiet reflection.
• Incense sticks fragrance creates the perfect setting for auspicious rituals by filling the surrounding air with pleasant smell signifying purity. The soothing aroma made of natural blends of ingredients in precise proportions release scents which create a calming positive effect and makes one feel relaxed. Incense sticks also act as organic disinfectants that drive away insects. These handcrafted incense sticks are for everyday use.
• For everyday use in your homes, offices, shops, prayer, meditation or yoga room, or in your surroundings to spread fragrance, remove unpleasant odours and purify the air around.

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Net wt. 8.60 kg
Gross Wt. 9.40 kg
Content 15 Grams in a packet, 12 packets (1 dozen) in a box
Sticker Price $0.05/DOZ
Pcs per carton 288 pcs per carton
Size of stick 8 inch
CBM 0.0580
Color Brown
1 Pallete contains 20 cartons
Dimension 49 cm x 26.5 cm x 45 cm
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