Devotional Guru Darshan Masala 15 Gms

The value of incense sticks has been known in the Indian tradition from the time of Gautama Buddha in ancient India. Ever since the glorious times of vedic Indian Chandan holds a venerated position. Its touch to the human body is cooling and pacifying, it
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Net wt. 8.60 kg
Gross Wt. 9.40 kg
Content 15 Grams in a packet, 12 packets (1 dozen) in a box
Sticker Price $0.05/DOZ
Pcs per carton 288 pcs per carton
Size of stick 8 inch
CBM 0.0580
Color Brown
1 Pallete contains 1 pallet =20 cartons
Dimension 49 cmx 26.5 cm x 45 cm
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