Aroma Oil Mystic Amber

HEM Aroma oils are a blend of fragrance oils which disperse into the environment through evaporation leaving the area wonderfully fragranced. These oils can be used in ceramic diffusers, electric diffusers and Pot pourri - perfect way to turn your home or office into a fragrant sanctuary.
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  • Amber aroma Oil is a blend of fragrance made through resins from Amber tree.
  • Amber oil will create a characteristic scent which will help to calm the mind, treating respiratory problems & Improves blood circulation.
  • The aroma of Mystic Amber oil is long lasting and can be used to permeate almost every area near it.
  • The aroma of Amber Oil can help you to fall asleep when used via diffuser.
More Information
Size of stick NA
Gross Wt. 7 Kg Per Carton
Sticker Price $0.05/DOZ
Pcs per carton 144 pcs per carton
Material 10 ml bottle
Net wt. 6 Kg Per Carton
Content 10 ml glass oil bottle, 1 dozen in a box, 12 dozens in 1 master carton
Color Transparent
CBM 0.0110
1 Pallete contains 24 cartons
Dimension 29 cm x 24.5 cm x 16 cm
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