Precious Chandan Cones

If you are someone who is seeking high quality and premium dhoop cones, then this is an ideal product! Our Dhoop cones not only creates an inspirational and enthralling atmosphere but also inspires confidence, optimism and joyfulness. Hem Incense Dhoop Cones are a blend of natural ingredients and fragrances-creation of traditional oils to enliven your surroundings.
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• Chandan (Indian Sandalwood) Cone is a traditional classic fragrance and holds a venerated position. It is considered essential item in the list for all religious rituals, its fragrance is at once so purifying. The fragrance stimulates the brain, brings positivity, calms and soothes, helps sleep better.
• For everyday use in your homes, prayer, meditation or yoga room, social gatherings or in your surroundings to spread fragrance, remove unpleasant odours and purify the air around."

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Pcs per carton 360 pcs per carton
Net wt. 9 kg
Sticker Price $0.05/DOZ
Content 10 Cones in a packet,12 Packets in box
Size of stick 1.5 inch
Gross Wt. 10 kg
Color Black
1 Pallete contains 25 cartons
Dimension 34.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 48 cm
CBM 0.0450
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